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Here are just a few great places to experience Redwood country. We encourage you to go find your own, also!

No matter which highway you take to get to Klamath, or into Del Norte county, youíll drive through the redwoods along the way. IN Del Norte county are several exceptional drives, some that put you right in amongst íem.

One outstanding drive is the Stout Grove / Howland Hills road. It starts on the east side of Crescent City and winds about 12 miles back through huge groves of redwoods, finally ending at slant bridge on highway 199. The road is generally good, although itís not paved. It has many narrow spots and tight curves, so motorhomes and trailers are pretty much out. (unless you want to spend all day backing up and dodging Subarus.) Youíll see many of these wonderful trees Up Close, and there are a few nice little creeks running through the area. Towards the North end of the drive youíll cross the Smith River, one of the westís Scenic and Wild rivers. Itís probably the nicest place there is to see the redwoods from the comfort of your car. To get to the begining of this great drive, take Elk Valley at the south end of Crescent City. You can only go east. At the corner of Elk Valley and Howland Hills take the Howland Hills road.

Hereís another great drive that starts just south of Klamath:

In Klamath itself, a great drive is along the Coastal Drive, comprised of the old highway and the old, old highway. Go south across the 101 bridge, take the exit, then turn west. This drive is part paved, part gravel but wide and smooth. Fantastic vistas of the ocean are yours and if itís the right time of year (August through October) youíll likely see a few whales. The south end of this drive puts you back on old 101 and if you turn south (to your right) youíll be heading down the Newton B. Drury scenic bypass. This route takes you through some really BIG trees and also the Newton B. Drury / Prairie Creek area.

Prairie Creek is a large prairie in the midst of the redwoods, and is home to a large herd of native Roosevelt Elk. These elk are at home among the trees and out on the grassy expanse of the clearing. There is a park campground here, and some interpretive installations. Stop along the road and get some great pictures of the elk. PLEASE READ AND HEED THE SIGNS ALONG THE FENCE. Adult elk are as big as a horse and capable of causing great harm! They can be very aggressive and dangerous!

Since the Newton B. Drury bypass WAS highway 101 up until a few years ago, the road is very good, and motor homes and trailers are not a problem. At the prairie itself, the verges of the road have been paved and considerably widened to allow and encourage people to pull over and have a look.

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