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One really great, do not miss, place is Fern Canyon. There are a few Redwoods here, lots of Elk and a big spooky Spruce forest. AND the real gem of Fern Canyon, which Iíll describe in a minute. Go south out of Klamath over the bridge. Continue past the Newton B. Drury bypass towards Orick. Just past where the four lane bypass ends, on the right youíll see Rolfís restaurant (Great Food!). Turn right there. The road is maintained dirt, but winding and narrow, so use due caution and forethought. Follow the signs to the park entrance, itís about three miles. This is a State Park so there is a use fee. This is Gold Bluffs State Park and has camp sites, picnic sites, and a really great beach. It backs up on some high bluffs and is usually warm here. But, the coolest thing here is Fern Canyon.

On the northern end of the beach is the entrance to Fern Canyon. This is a walk up an ancient creek bed into one of the most awesome natural sights you may ever see. The walls and part of the overhead are lined, neigh, carpeted with ferns. Criss crossing the overhead occasionally, are moss covered logs. The floor of the canyon is clean gravel. It is truly something worth taking the time to see. I really canít do justice to this amazing area with words.

Our area (Klamath and Del Norte County) has Redwoods all through it, so just exploring on your own will reward you with the discovery of many interesting things and beautiful places.

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